A 2.5D Metroidvania sculpted out of real clay

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A Unique Approach

It’s no secret that traditional claymation is a time-consuming process. Artists spend countless hours hunched over hand crafted pieces making micro adjustments for a single frame of animation. This is not a sustainable process for an indie studio. In order to create the game we are dreaming of, we had to think outside of the box.

Claymation Without the Baggage

At Hat Hair Games, we have pioneered an art pipeline through cutting edge photogrammetry techniques that allows us to achieve an authentic claymation look in a fraction of the time. "Work smarter, not harder" they say. We say "Why not both?"

Every byte of Reclamation is steeped in quirky claymation charm, from the UI to the boss fights. The 6 regions of the game’s world are visually distinct yet harmonious, just like its characters.

Mixing up the Metroidvania Formula

Abilities and gates are a staple of any Metroidvania.  Earn bombs and use them to access the area containing double jump.  Use double jump to reach the grappling hook. And so on. But what happens if you can't find double jump?  These hours of aimless wandering are the primary sticking point for players, and the most common reason for quitting.

Reclamation promises to mix up this formula by attaching these gate-unlocking abilities to the world's inhabitants which the player can absorb and become. Each ability is possessed by multiple creatures, ensuring there are new pockets to explore in every direction.

But be warned, taking over a new body means giving up your old one, and the abilities that come with it.

Make Your Own Way

You may choose a Bloatfrog and use it's double jump to reach the frozen boneyard, or you can take over a Charger and use it's dash ability to reach the swamp. The choice is yours.

The world of Reclamation is large and sprawling, with most of the game's regions accessible from the start. Wander freely, finding secrets and unraveling the game’s story at your own pace and on your own path. 


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